US Gov employs fake bloggers to push pro-war message

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US Gov employs fake bloggers to push pro-war message

I can't say I am surprised. But what is surprising is the US Government thinks people's opinions can be persuaded by a blog. Oh wait, for a second there I forgot who I was talking about.

The US Government is enlisting fake bloggers to combat a faltering information war against Islamist extremists.

"We are currently in the process of expanding the original team of two Arabic bloggers to six, while also adding one Urdu and two Farsi (Persian) linguists...We are also exploring how we can use the applicability of our mission of new cyber-technologies such as Second Life and cell phone games to further advance our mission"

Full story at the National Expositor.

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Monday 19th November 2007 | 03:18 PM

Old news. According to the loons on your Zeitgeist article, I am employed by Bush and his buddies, to try to "hide the truth"...

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Tuesday 20th November 2007 | 09:15 AM

So Rodney, you're saying you're not?

I love how, in the US, everything is a frickin mission. No projects, no ventures or activities... missions.

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