Labor Victory: Rudd beats Howard

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Labor Victory: Rudd beats Howard

It wasn't surprising but the margin was. In any event our new PM appears to be Kevin Rudd. A fresh face with new ideas who seemingly identifies with the average aussie battler.

But it may not have been Rudd that won, it may have been Howard that lost. There are many reasons why Howard lost, some of them are:

  • The recent interest rate rise, which he initially promised to keep down despite them really being out of his control
  • His inability to act on climate change
  • His unrealistic views on cost-of-living
  • The very unpopular WorkChoices program

And the one that probably sealed his fate, the pledge to only serve a portion of his term and to then hand over the top job to Peter Costello.

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Saturday 24th November 2007 | 09:59 PM

Damned if he wins...damned if he loses! Isn't that the way it goes with politics anyway? hahah

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Saturday 24th November 2007 | 10:03 PM

Yup either way we still end up with a politician.

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Sunday 25th November 2007 | 03:48 PM

Exactly. They're all politicians. No one goes into politics because they want to help other people (than themselves). It utter bewilders me that people actually continue to put any faith in politicians, after so much evidence that they're not worth it.

My prediction. In 6 years time (coz people will accept a 100% failure rate in the first term, based on the old "it takes time to undo the previous government's mistakes" mantra), people will be angry that he hasn't delivered a thing and he's broken 90% of his promises and they'll vote him out. By this stage, people will realise he's not riding in on a white horse to save them and life's really no different. So they'll be pissed off.

Then they'll vote in some new "fresh face" from the other side.

Then the cycle will repeat. Ad naeuisum .

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