Kate McCann could face 10 years for child abandonment

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Kate McCann could face 10 years for child abandonment

It's hard to know what to make of this case. Usually I am able to form an opinion one way or another on a high profile case but to be honest I am sitting on the fence regarding the parents involvement with Madeline McCann's disappearance.

If they are innocent, I can't imagine the horror they must be going through. But one thing they do appear to be guilty of, is of child abandonment, something which I do have an opinion on.

Kate McCann has admitted on several occasions they have often left their children alone while they attend dinner parties. In my humble opinion, and as a father with 2 young daughters of my own, I can not fathom how they could leave their children unsupervised - even just once.

According to Portuguese law, a defendant faces up to 10 years in jail if a child dies as the result of being abandoned. Fortunately for the McCanns there is no concrete proof that Madeline is dead. So this revelation almost comes across as an alternative way to punish the parents because a case against them being involved with their daughters disappearance won't stick without a body.

The couple have faced accusations that Madeleine died as a result of an accident and disposed of her body. According to an official spokesperson:

"The fact the McCanns were made arguidos means that there are justified suspicions against them of committing a crime"

Full story at the Daily Express

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Tuesday 4th December 2007 | 09:33 AM

I'm with you Mike, I really am quite hard pressed to form an opinion one way or another on this case.

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