Vista for noobs

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Vista for noobs

Thinking about making the jump? Or perhaps Vista came installed with your new desktop or laptop? Because Vista's interface closely resembles Windows XP, it won't take long before you are completely comfortable on the new OS.

Apart from the obvious eye candy Vista has plenty of very useful features that might not be obvious at first, if at all. The sort of stuff you will wonder how you ever got by before without.

So with my Brother's fresh Vista Ultimate install yesterday still in mind, let me pre-empt the inevitable support calls by providing links to some useful Vista related web sites. These links helped me through the early stages.

And remember, if ever in doubt, Google is your friend, or just press F1.

  • Vista 4 Beginners: An excellent, nicely presented site with easy to follow guides and tutorials.
  • Tweak Vista: Like the name says, information on tweaking Vista.
  • Vista Forums: An unofficial support forum for all things Vista related.
  • Windows Ultimate: Although not really loaded with information, this is the official Microsoft site for Vista Ultimate.

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