Zune advertising: Microsoft do it right

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Zune advertising: Microsoft do it right

It wasn't that long ago Microsoft were often criticised for their lack of style and design capability. So if Bill Gates and Co. still can't do it right in-house, the next best thing is to contract some talented people.

If you haven't already seen the Zune promo videos, let me say they are quite impressive from a visual creativity perspective. The latest, known as 'raw deluxe' even has Mac aficionados nodding approvingly in Microsoft's direction.

Watch the video below, and if your spider senses tell you the sounds and style seem a bit familiar, you are correct. This advert was produced by Jake Sargeant, the same guy who produced .

If you want to see the other Zune adverts I was hyping up, see below.

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Monday 10th December 2007 | 06:59 AM

Incredible ads, but how much of an improvement is it over the original Zune? Personally, I'd like for it to support Apple's ACC format, as I really don't want to convert my entire library just because I like iTunes.

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Monday 10th December 2007 | 08:00 AM

If I was in the market I would choose a Zune over an iPod any day of the week. The interface blows the IPod out of the water, the software makes iTunes look like a boring spreadsheet.

Plus I wouldn't have the 'apple fan boy stigma' that comes with wearing those dreadful white ear buds :-)

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Monday 10th December 2007 | 10:46 AM

Yeah but you'd be ridiculed on Slashdot :-p

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Monday 10th December 2007 | 12:01 PM

But does the Zune accept ACC format? Converting several gigs of music files sounds like a pretty big hassle, even if it's a better player.

But I do like the extra large screen and sideways video watching.

What mp3 players do you guys have? I'm considering getting one in the near future.

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