Thou shalt not indoctrinate

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Thou shalt not indoctrinate

A public high school teacher is being sued by one of his students parents for allegedly making offensive comments during class about Christianity.

James Corbett apparently showed hostility toward religion that caused Christian students to feel ostracised. Lawyer Jennifer Monk says they will not seek damages if the teacher is removed from duty.

If this is true, then the teacher in question certainly deserves punishment for forcing his beliefs (or lack of as it may be) onto unsuspecting students at a public school. Teachers are expected to show a neutral attitude towards religion in this environment.

Judging on the information at hand, Corbett would probably object to a Christian preaching Christianity onto him at a public school, so it is rather hypocritical of him to act in the same manner.


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Friday 14th December 2007 | 08:37 PM

WHAT? Are you suggesting we respect others beliefs. You will get kicked out of the Atheist club with those stupid comments.
Read this- LOL

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Friday 14th December 2007 | 09:10 PM

Haha - Atheist's club. Love it.

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Saturday 15th December 2007 | 02:23 AM

Do we get t-shirts and buttons? If so I am in.

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Saturday 15th December 2007 | 11:40 AM

Yeah, sounds like that guy went too far, but was it really necessary to fire him? A firm warning would have done just as good; unless the offended students' parents detest the man because of some comments, or if he was a repeat offender. I must admit, I would hate to have to listen on a pro-Christian lecture in school (unless it was religion class), that's what churches are for, so I can definetly see both sides of the fence on this issue. I wonder what he was teaching, I'm supposing science, as that's where the majority of theological heads butt.

And I'm looking forward to my atheist shirt. I'll take a medium, please.

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Monday 14th January 2008 | 11:19 AM

Hey look its the creation expert, Gilley


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