'Swatting' causing headaches for Police

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'Swatting' causing headaches for Police

Police are concerned over a relatively new breed of cyber crime that is occurring with alarming regularity.

'Swatting' is basically done with a computer whereby you fool the 911 emergency system into thinking the call is coming from any location other than the real one. This means you can be on the other side of the country and tell the 911 operator that you need help because there are armed gunmen trying to break into your house. The police then deploy a swat team (hence the term 'swatting') who bust down the door of an innocent family and point guns in their faces.

The potential for danger is extreme, as an armed person in the house could easily think they are being robbed or attacked, and start shooting or physically attacking the 'intruders'.

The video report below goes into more detail, however the news anchor has innocently wrongly stated that there is nothing wrong with the 911 system, and that it's just being exploited by hackers. Call me a fool, but I would have thought that to be a big problem.

As far as instances of cyber crime go, I think this particular one is among the most dangerous, and anyone partaking in this activity is an irresponsible juvenile moron.

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Joe Marco

Saturday 15th December 2007 | 02:16 PM

Definitely a cause for concern. As with most of the civil infrastructure that is outdated and in need of repair or upgrading, The 911 system is a hurtin'. You know you got a problem when you're put on hold.

As for the hackers are concerned.....with all that talent and motivation to wreak havoc, why not aim it at some other institution that's more deserving.

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