Huckabee had sickening charges against son squashed

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Huckabee had sickening charges against son squashed

It looks as if there is a reason why Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee is so soft on crime. Crooks and Liars are reporting that Huckabee, who many are calling a 'fundamentalist nutjob', had some sickening charges against his son squashed.

Eighteen year old David Huckabee and his friend Clayton Frady thought it would be a blast to find a stray dog, hang it, slit its throat, and stone it to death.

I wonder if those are the strong Christian family values Mike Huckabee is always raving about. Though judging by the picture of David Huckabee there is a possibility he planned to eat the dog, and as we know killing animals for consumption is fine.

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Obama for Pres

Monday 17th December 2007 | 08:38 PM

Huckabee is a moron...

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Monday 17th December 2007 | 08:48 PM

how about hanging him up and slice his gut!!! piece of low life that he is............

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Tuesday 18th December 2007 | 11:10 AM

Ohh, he's got some cleaning up to do... I wasn't exactly planning on voting for him anyway, but if I was a conservative Christian, this would definitely make me reconsider voting for a man of apparent high morals.

But I doubt this'll hand the election over to Romney.

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Joe Marco

Tuesday 18th December 2007 | 11:38 AM

what a piece of crap....

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Tuesday 18th December 2007 | 01:30 PM

ha! yeah he looks like he could eat a dog or two. what a sick wanker but.

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Tuesday 18th December 2007 | 11:19 PM

What a sick f__k. And Huckabee should be ashamed for covering it up.

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Wednesday 19th December 2007 | 09:05 AM

It gets WAY worse

This guy wrote a book claiming that those who don't subscribe to the Bible are immoral, environmentalists are terrible, and pornography and homosexuality are leading the country into disarray and causing kids to kill.

What a nutcase. And a hypocrite.

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Friday 18th January 2008 | 10:27 AM

The fat bastard must be out to make his dad look bad. Just been arrested carrying a loaded pistol onto a plane.

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