Bizarre Online Gaming Incidents

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Bizarre Online Gaming Incidents

Daily bits have an interesting piece titled Top 6 Bizarre Online Gaming Incidents. There are some rippers, but the most astonishing to hold my attention was this:

"Earlier this year four Brazilian men, with ages between 19 and 28, developed a plan to steal the game password of a GunBound (an online multi player game) top player. The objective was to sell the game account on the Internet for $8,000.

The first step was to get the girlfriend of Igor, head of the gang, in contact with the GunBound player. They accomplished that via Google’s social networking site Orkut, which is extremely popular in Brazil. After exchanging messages for a couple of days, the girl asked the boy to meet her at a shopping center.

He went, but instead of the girl he found Igor waiting for him, armed with a gun. They took the GunBound player away, and here comes the bizarre part. After five hours of interrogation at gun point, the boy was still determined to not reveal his password, so the four men released him.

The boy went to the police, who arrested all the gang members."

And you thought you were a hardcore gamer?

Read the rest.

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Tuesday 18th December 2007 | 02:13 PM

That guy is mad. Risked his life for a game. Either that or he knows a bluff when he sees one...

Mind you the other guys are idiots too - jail for $8,000.

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Big Marty "O"

Tuesday 18th December 2007 | 04:56 PM

Quake lives ........................... =)

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Tuesday 18th December 2007 | 11:17 PM

Yeah that's hard core. The crooks pare pretty dumb if they didn't think he would dib them in.

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Wednesday 19th December 2007 | 12:16 AM

gee and i thought things like that happened in america.....

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Joe Marco

Wednesday 19th December 2007 | 05:48 AM

I not to hip on the on-line gaming thing, but could these dudes have really gotten that much for a password? is a password that big of a deal that these guys would have gone that far? I guess so....

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Wednesday 19th December 2007 | 08:31 AM

Absolutely they could have gotten even more. I saw a documentary once that showed a company in Russia (correction?) whose sole purpose was to sell game accounts, like World of Warcraft for example. They employ these gamers who do nothing but play the games all day for weeks/months to get them up to high levels and then they sell the accounts for thousands. And there there is this...

As a life long gamer I have to say that buying a game account is pretty extreme and I can't see it as being very satisfying.

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