Michael J. Fox: What I've Learned

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Michael J. Fox: What I've Learned

Esquire have an extremely candid interview with Michael J. Fox, who talks about his past, present and future.

The format is interesting as it technically doesn't read like an interview, but rather MJ giving out profound advice and drawing on personal experience.

"People said, 'Does it bother you that girls want to sleep with you because you're famous?' That's a tough one. Lemme think about that. No."

A bloody good read. It's hard to not like the guy.

Go there now.

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Joe Marco

Wednesday 19th December 2007 | 06:59 PM

Wow...nice one. That's a strong fighting spirit he's got. And he dropped some serious life wisdom.

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Wednesday 19th December 2007 | 09:34 PM

What a stand out guy. Reading everything he said just emphasises what a strong character he really is.

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Thursday 20th December 2007 | 12:07 AM

That's the most compelling picture of MJF I have seen. He looks serious yet almost as if he knows he is doing it as a joke. Long live Alex P. Keaton.

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Thursday 20th December 2007 | 09:27 AM

Wow all that and he is Canadian! Go McFly

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Thursday 20th December 2007 | 09:39 AM

MJF is a legend! Marty McFly is one of my favourite movies characters!

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Sunday 9th March 2008 | 05:31 PM

Fox is one of those guys that I understand. He has Parkinson's Disease (P.D.) and has put a lot of work in bringing this disease into the spotlight as well as worked to really push research for these patients. I say I understand him because my dad also has P.D. The things my dad has learned from reading interviews that Fox has given on the subject and because he makes his condition and his treatment public gives my dad hope. It really is wonderful example of a celebrity using his status to help others as well as himself.

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