Netscape officially dead

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Netscape officially dead

The once popular web browser is to die a long over due death due to having an insignificant market share of around 0.06%.

Netscape (or Nutscrape as some web developers affectionately call it) will not be supported after February 1st 2008.

Full story at BBC News.

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Tuesday 1st January 2008 | 10:47 PM

Netscape is Dead! Long Live Mozilla!

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Wednesday 2nd January 2008 | 03:49 AM

Firefox has no competition compared to other browsers, NetScape was a flash in the pan that took a long time to fizzle out. Go with Mozilla, faster, safer, and more nutritious than the leading browser.

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Wednesday 2nd January 2008 | 07:16 PM

I want to say I am glad it died as it is one less browser I have to support but truth be told I stopped supporting Nutscrape years ago.

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Thursday 3rd January 2008 | 09:56 AM

Didn't even know it was still kicking. It was a great alternative to IE back in the day though.

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Thursday 3rd January 2008 | 10:07 AM

My school used to use it years ago, and I never really liked it. Internet Explorer was the norm and therefore the one I was using until a year or so ago. Now I've realized that Firefox is the best out there, no competition at all from IE.

Isn't it funny that Gilly hasn't commented in a while? If the articles aren't controversial enough, she's nowhere to be seen.

But back to Netscape, it was a drawn out death, for sure. Does anyone know of anyone who even used it in the past 5 years?

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Thursday 3rd January 2008 | 10:32 AM

When I first started web development over 10 years ago I made sure my sites rendered in Internet Exploiter first and foremost, and Nutscrape was an annoying after thought.

These days though, as any reputable web developer knows, Internet Exploiter is the worst browser on the planet. It isn't standards compliant and the new IE7 Interface actually reduces usability significantly.

Now that IE8 is on the horizon, my job will be that much more harder :-(

I still stand by my recommendation - Microsoft should let IE die a long overdue death and leave web browsers to the people who actually know better (Mozilla).

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Thursday 3rd January 2008 | 12:13 PM

Sorry Alt!
I am not a NERD (LOL)
So my comments would be a little silly (LOL)
I have never heard of netscape.
Nice that you are thinking of me.

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Saturday 5th January 2008 | 02:47 PM

Just as sweet as ever, Gilly.

Firefox 3 will surely be better than IE 8, I agree that Microsoft should leave browsing to others and just focus on other software and their OS.

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Saturday 5th January 2008 | 10:28 PM

so why was it not popular?

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