RIAA finds new way to screw legitimate music buyers

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RIAA finds new way to screw legitimate music buyers

It is now clearly evident the RIAA want to be the most hated organisation in history. It's not that uncommon for the RIAA to accuse people of file sharing when they don't even own a computer, among many other shady tactics.

They are going after Jeffrey Howell who is alleged to have shared 54 songs over the Kazaa P2P network, but this time they are adding something different. The RIAA say Howell should also be charged for making 'unauthorised copies' of the music files when he ripped his legitimately purchased CD's to his computer.

This means they will go after anyone who has ripped music to a computer, irregardless of whether they have shared them or not.

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Friday 4th January 2008 | 03:06 AM

Slashdot has an interesting post on this.


"The Motley Fool investment Web site warns investors to beware of 'Sony, BMG, Warner Music Group, Vivendi Universal, and EMI.' In an article entitled 'We're All Thieves to the RIAA,' a Motley Fool columnist, referring to the RIAA's pronouncement in early December in Atlantic v. Howell, that the copies which Mr. Howell had ripped from his CDs to MP3s in a shared files folder on his computer were 'unauthorized,' writer Alyce Lomax said 'a good sign of a dying industry that investors might want to avoid is when it would rather litigate than innovate, signaling a potential destroyer of value.'"

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Saturday 5th January 2008 | 02:50 PM

How ridiculous, CD's are going the way of the dinosaur, digital media is the way forward, and ripping a CD a legitimately bought doesn't make me a criminal, it just makes my music more convenient to listen to.

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