Watch Bill Gates Keynote Live

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Watch Bill Gates Keynote Live

Bill Gates Consumer Electronic Show 2008 keynote speech is happening this sunday the 6th of January and bandwidth permitting, you will be able to watch it live from the comfort of your web browser.

Anyone interested in knowing the future of Vista, Xbox, Media Centre, Zune, Home Server etc. will want to tune in.

Gates is due to start his departing speech at 6.30pm US Pacific Standard Time, so start streaming early to avoid missing out. Here are your streaming options.

  • 750k high quality webcast stream
  • 300k good quality webcast stream
  • 100k blob quality webcast stream

Thanks to IStartedSomething for the heads up.

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Saturday 5th January 2008 | 01:57 PM

He doesn't excite the audience like steve jobs can but bill still gives a good keynote every year. I notice the web streams already work but with a holding message and crappy music.

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Saturday 5th January 2008 | 03:06 PM

Agreed, their music choice is crap techno, but the keynote should be interesting.

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