Honour among thieves

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Honour among thieves

Berlin: A burglar was caught off guard during a robbery when he stumbled upon the dead body of the house resident.

He called the police and said he had just found a dead body in the home he just broke into. The burglar fled without stealing anything.

Police say the 64 year old occupant had been dead in his bedroom for 2 weeks.


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Joe Marco

Tuesday 22nd January 2008 | 08:08 PM

Just because one is breaking the law, it does not make one a bad person.

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Tuesday 22nd January 2008 | 10:48 PM

Yeah, plus you never know what's in the background (a la "Les Misérables").

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Kim OJ

Thursday 7th August 2008 | 10:12 PM

That's an interesting code of conduct; he only steals from the living, who will actually miss the stolen stuff?

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Saturday 8th August 2009 | 02:56 PM

The stealing is the morally objectionable part, not just "breaking the law".

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Sunday 9th August 2009 | 02:26 AM

...in response to this comment by Kim OJ. We'll I think he wouldn't steal from the dead out of respect? or the fact that he called the cops before nabbing something lol, but also if the owners are alive there is some sort of chance for them to catch him, or defend their items?

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Sunday 9th August 2009 | 11:33 PM

He probably didn't want to leave evidence at the scene of a death and he probably didn't want to be accused of being involved with the death either. It was probably a, "just not worth it," moment.

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Monday 10th August 2009 | 04:55 PM

...in response to this comment by TWX. It could also be a "my god that rotting corpse smells bad, I'm getting the hell out of here" moment.

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Tuesday 11th August 2009 | 12:16 AM

If the guy was dead, how do they know he didn't steal anything?

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Tuesday 11th August 2009 | 04:07 AM

...in response to this comment by Lauri. what a great movie!

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Wednesday 19th August 2009 | 01:28 AM

Maybe he was thinking that if he stole stuff, the police would suspect him in a murder...

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Wednesday 19th August 2009 | 08:39 AM

he's not a very good thief............sounds like he needs to find a new line of work!

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Thursday 20th August 2009 | 04:19 AM

Honor for the dead is important.

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Tuesday 25th August 2009 | 07:30 AM

Maybe he stole the dog and all the dog related articles so no one noticed anything was missing..

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