R.I.P. Heath Ledger

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R.I.P. Heath Ledger

I never knew Heath Ledger and I can't say I was particularly a fan of his work because I have seen hardly any of it, but from what I understand he was a fine actor who managed to steer clear of the BS typically associated with Hollywood.

So the news of his sudden death is still a little saddening, if only because he was so young at just 28.

Ledger is a boy just like yours truly, although the call of stardom found him leaving this sleepy town long ago.

There are plenty or reports coming in now describing the circumstances of his death so I won't go into them here. Take your pick from below.


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Joe Marco

Wednesday 23rd January 2008 | 08:52 PM

He had talent, and it's a shame. Celebrity status, it appears can take it's toll.

Imagine a life, where everything is served on a platter. Granted it wasn't like that initially for many an artist, but the ones who rise, sometimes fall much too hard.

Granted, there are people dying everyday, children in Iraq, child soldiers in Africa, and AIDS suffers worldwide, and yet we become numb due to either the shear numbers, or the sense of luck we might feel that we don't suffer as they do.

So why do some care so much when an Artist dies: Because whether it's through music, film or whatever medium that is conveying a message of basic humanity, we somehow identify with that character/person.

It's easy to criticize, to make the quick judgement, but no one knows what it's like until your there.

The best analogy for this, take the film 'Gladiator', during one of the fights and Maximus freaks out, throwing his sword into the crowd, and yells, "Are you not entertained!!" our bloodlust for entertainment is just as bad as ones craving for other things unhealthy. we all have a choice, yes we do. And unfortunately he chose un-wisely.

Via con Dios amigo.

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Wednesday 23rd January 2008 | 10:45 PM

What a turn of tail ...

Anyway, we also feel sadder when artists, people of art, die for we give their lives a higher value thanks to their art, whatever form it's served in.

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Thursday 24th January 2008 | 11:07 AM

Two of my friends from highschool days died of drug overdoses, it is just such a stupid waste. So far as the news has reported, this was not a suicide attempt, it was an idiotic (accidental) death caused by taking too many prescription drugs.

Doctors tell you exactly how many to take, they give you a maximum dosage and they tell you what medications may contraindicate, it is safe to take prescription drugs, to the prescripted amounts.

It is just really sad. Crushingly sad.

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