Life spotted on Mars?

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Life spotted on Mars?

The Mars explorer 'Spirit' has sent back an image which is creating a lot of discussion regarding what appears to be a 'female figure with arms outstretched'.

In this author's humble opinion the only thing out stretched is the notion that this image shows an alien being wandering the Martian surface, but rest assured there will be some people out there convinced otherwise.

What do you think? Alien, or natural rock formation? Sorry, this post would be meaningless unless I asked :-)




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Wednesday 23rd January 2008 | 10:10 AM

Alien...definitely an alien rock formation! hahah

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Wednesday 23rd January 2008 | 10:16 AM

The sand people scare easy Luke, but they will be back... and in greater numbers!

If it looks like a duck, moves like a duck and quacks like a duck... its probably a duck!

On the other hand, if it looks like a woman, but stays in the same place until the next time a small meteorite strikes it down... it's probably a rock!

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Wednesday 23rd January 2008 | 11:20 AM

Exactly. This can be solved in about 1 minute. Take another photo and see if it's moved.

Anyway, it's pretty obvious that actually Osama!

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Joe Marco

Wednesday 23rd January 2008 | 11:23 AM

oh my god!! it's my ex-wife!!!

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Wednesday 23rd January 2008 | 11:35 AM

LOL @ Joe.
You know I am starting to wonder if NASA are playing a joke us. Remember this Yeti video still?

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Wednesday 23rd January 2008 | 12:45 PM

BigFoot IS a martian! And the planet is already covered in rocks, so I wonder what this could be...

Or it's the Thinker. Art on Mars? You can't spell "Martian" without "art" after all.

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Wednesday 23rd January 2008 | 01:20 PM

She's enjoying a cup of billy tea after a long bushwalk pushing Spirit around the planet.

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Joe Marco

Wednesday 23rd January 2008 | 05:22 PM

Holy Crap!!! there she is again! lord help me!

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Jonny Fat-One

Wednesday 23rd January 2008 | 05:39 PM

I dont know about you but im more worried about why the body portion looks fine, but from the neck up it seems taht someone has gone in and blurred the head.

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Thursday 24th January 2008 | 12:37 AM

ummm i think not probably dust on the lense martian dust....

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Thursday 24th January 2008 | 05:09 AM

I think it's Chyna from WWF...

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Thursday 24th January 2008 | 05:56 AM

I just saw this is the news :) They're right, it's bigfoot

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Ham Salad

Thursday 24th January 2008 | 01:32 PM

It's some spastic performing Modern Art.

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Thursday 24th January 2008 | 02:02 PM

People that is not real bah look at the size of that "woman" its smal, omg look the rock is "litle" much big, that is fun sotory :D

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Thursday 24th January 2008 | 02:09 PM

I read now "Daily Mail" and i read "A little green martian?" what if he is a smal martian will be like my finger bah cant bealve the people read that crap like i say and "NASA" is not real............... and just i think "NASA" go on Mars bah so fun is that too,USA have to much red rocks hah.......

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Friday 25th January 2008 | 04:57 AM

sexy martian :D

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Jordan Thomas. aka squirrel

Friday 25th January 2008 | 11:04 AM

How strange! I don't think it's rock...
perhaps it's an indistructable statue created by ex-life creatures on mars.
NASA will find out what this is in the near future, i shall look forward to know the truth.

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todd bagley

Friday 25th January 2008 | 09:04 PM

i believe in theoretical matters disregarding the truth behind Nasa's malfuncional behalf.

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Danny pugh

Friday 25th January 2008 | 09:08 PM

Its a dead dog

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Dave Bowman

Friday 25th January 2008 | 09:11 PM

It's another monolith

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mike jones... who?

Friday 25th January 2008 | 09:17 PM

i think its a warning sign from god telling us we need to change the way things currently are. Its obviously god, hu else?

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michael newman

Friday 25th January 2008 | 09:22 PM

i wonder if its got a real but hole.
could be my long lost species.

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arrchmed sinbad mahimmavich

Friday 25th January 2008 | 09:26 PM

i do not like this picture. It has no taliban hat!
i pray for to be a rock

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ollie clayton

Saturday 26th January 2008 | 09:21 PM


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lester sivertsen squimp cone

Sunday 27th January 2008 | 05:34 AM

who did the clayton comment? lmao

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Tuesday 5th February 2008 | 06:10 AM


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Thursday 24th September 2009 | 12:03 AM

it isa alian coz if it is a rock it would have to be carved!!!

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Friday 9th October 2009 | 11:19 PM response to this comment by joe. hi

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Thursday 29th July 2010 | 09:53 PM

its a rock get over it!!

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Thursday 29th July 2010 | 09:57 PM

I'm wit u Ufdcgtdd5665tty. It's a. Rock u bunch of nerds

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Saturday 26th March 2011 | 09:02 PM

All i see is a desert.

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