Fox broadcasts lies about video game: EA call them on it and demand apology

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Fox broadcasts lies about video game: EA call them on it and demand apology

Fox news has just aired a propaganda piece full of inaccuracies and falsehoods regarding the new Electronic Arts game Mass Effect.

The most blatant lie though is the news anchors claim that the game features 'full front nudity'. Bought in for opinions are a physiologist and a game expert from Spike TV Geoff Keighley.

Keighley tries his damnedest to set the record straight and even calls them out on a couple of points, but when it appears he has taken control of the interview the segment is abruptly ended.

Update: It appears gamers are revolting. The 'expert' in the video below is having her book attacked on, with bad reviews and low ratings. You can on her book page. They are having a hard time trying to keep damage control to a minimum by deleting the bad reviews and scores. Censorship in full swing.

Now EA have called Fox out on the inaccuracies, and is demanding an apology.

"As the parent company of BioWare, the studio which created the game, EA would like you to set the record straight on a number of errors and misstatements which incorrectly characterize the story and character interactions in Mass Effect." The letter starts and then proceeds to outline their very strong case."

Your headline above the televised story read: "New videogame shows full digital nudity and sex." Fact: Mass Effect does not include explicit or frontal nudity. Love scenes in non-interactive sequences include side and profile shots - a vantage frequently used in many prime-time television shows. It's also worth noting that the game requires players to develop complex relationships before characters can become intimate and players can chose to avoid the love scenes altogether.

FNC voice-over reporter says: "You'll see full digital nudity and the ability for players to engage in graphic sex."
Fact: Sex scenes in Mass Effect are not graphic. These scenes are very similar to sex sequences frequently seen on network television in prime time.

FNC reporter says: "Critics say Mass Effect is being marketed to kids and teenagers."
Fact: That is flat out false. Mass Effect and all related marketing has been reviewed by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) and rated Mature - appropriate for players 17-years and older. ESRB routinely counsels retailers on requesting proof of age in selling M-rated titles and the system has been lauded by members of Congress and the Federal Trade Commission. In practical terms, the ratings work as well or better than those used for warning viewers about television content.

The resulting coverage was insulting to the men and women who spent years creating a game which is acclaimed by critics for its high creative standards. As video games continue to take audiences away from television, we expect to see more TV news stories warning parents about the corrupting influence of interactive entertainment. But this represents a new level of recklessness.

Do you watch the Fox Network? Do you watch Family Guy? Have you ever seen The OC? Do you think the sexual situations in Mass Effect are any more graphic than scenes routinely aired on those shows? Do you honestly believe that young people have more exposure to Mass Effect than to those prime time shows?

This isn't a legal threat; it's an appeal to your sense of fairness. We're asking FNC to correct the record on Mass Effect.


Jeff Brown
Vice President of Communications
Electronic Arts, Inc.

As a gamer, it's good to see EA stand their ground on this issue particularly when lies are being spread. Fingers crossed Fox news will do the right thing.

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Thursday 24th January 2008 | 10:40 AM

This should have been a defamation law suit.

In saying that, this 'negative publicity' is likely to make preteens everywhere salivate with anticipation.

I must admit though, I am still surprised that "Fox News" is not used as an example of an oxymoron in every school, in every state of every country of the world.

News just in, "The fox news channel today were shocked to find out that 'the far left' takes nothing they say more seriously than the drunken ramblings of a 99 year old male prostitue crackwhore".

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Thursday 24th January 2008 | 11:02 AM

One of the things she says is the game objectifies women. Has anyone seen the cover of her book?,204,203,200_PIsitb-dp-500-arrow,TopRight,45,-64_OU01_AA240_SH20_.jpg" />

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Thursday 24th January 2008 | 11:04 AM

I'd do her

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Thursday 24th January 2008 | 11:37 AM

Ahahaha, Franken made a funny.

Alot of this started after Columbine, people always need something else to blame for society's problems. Movies, TV, and the gun industry were the targets at first, now its video games.

Some of my favorites are games that are modded, then catch hell over what a 3rd party did with the mod, like GTA. However this story takes the cake, looks like blatant misrepresentation of the facts by the reporters.

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Thursday 24th January 2008 | 12:47 PM

Another reason not to watch Fox NEWS. The panel was completley biased and only represented the uninformed side of the issue. Maybe the reporter could have actually played a bit of the game, or gotten feedback from people who had, instead of shutting of the guy from Spike TV just because he was winning a losing battle.

It's just a case of ignorance pilfering through the media and into our homes; parents who see this will brand the game based on the uninformed remarks of a select few. That isn't journalism, it's Fox News.

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Thursday 24th January 2008 | 07:14 PM

IMHO, any publicity is good publicity!! And EA knows it. Hence the request for apology and not a lawsuit. :P

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Thursday 24th January 2008 | 07:17 PM

Justin is correct. I have never heard of the game but now I know it has sex and nudity, I feel a strange compulsion to rush out and buy it!

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Friday 25th January 2008 | 12:05 PM

Have you guys heard about the psychologist's books getting terrible reviews on Amazon because of this controversy? It's pretty childish, but an effective comeback.

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Friday 25th January 2008 | 12:08 PM

Howdy Altoid. Yeah I added an update yesterday in the article with links.

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