Futuremark embark on games development

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Futuremark embark on games development

3D Benchmark industry leaders Futuremark (formerly Madonion) have just announced they are going into the video game production business. They have already launched a web site although it is still in skeleton form at this stage.

They already have their first game in development, but no word yet on the genre or premise.

More info here.

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Thursday 31st January 2008 | 12:50 PM

Well, we know it'll look fantastic!

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Thursday 31st January 2008 | 08:06 PM

@ Altoid - yeah I think we can be sure of that. Making it playable will be their main issue.

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Thursday 31st January 2008 | 09:31 PM

To be honest every time I have used a Futuremarl Product I have vocally given praise to the benchmarking prowess but silently said to myself 'I'm glad they don't make video games'. But it's more of an aesthetic perspective, as Futuremark benchmarks often look a generation behind current games, even though they employ the latest technologies.

But somehow I think they will expand their team to include people who have a good history of game development concepts.

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