Is there a God? A professional perspective

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Is there a God? A professional perspective

Many have put their opinion forward on this site regarding the existence of God, so I thought it was time to bring in the 'big guns'.

By that I simply mean let's hear from some people who have the question and more like it accommodate a large part of their professional lives. In the interest of balance the videos below present arguments from both sides of the fence.

These videos are courtesy of, from a theme titled "The Design of Life". is a web site which I heartily suggest you look at sometime.


Paster, philanthropist and author Rick Warren on a life of purpose.


Atheist and Philosopher Dan Dennett scientific response to Paster Rick Warren.


Rev. Tom Honey asks 'How could God have allowed the tsunami?'


Evolutionary Scientist, Biologist and Author Richard Dawkins on Militant Atheism.

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