Dear Sh*t Face: You owe us money!

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Dear Sh*t Face: You owe us money!

Talk about an unpleasant surprise. A man has received a threatening legal letter from Nationwide Collections Inc. addressed to Sh*t Face.

Under U.S. law, debt collectors are not allowed to use profanity to collect a debt, nor are they supposed to threaten legal action over such a small amount. The amount in question is a measly $16.

The man plans to sue Nationwide Collections Inc. next week.


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Monday 4th February 2008 | 02:27 PM

Regardless of his disagrement with their prose, you can hardly sue someone for calling you 'shithead'.

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Monday 4th February 2008 | 03:08 PM

Yeah it's kind of sketchy, but people have been sued for less. One interesting comment on DIGG was that it is illegal to open mail that is not addressed to you. So unless his name was Sh*t Face he might not have much legal grounding.

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Monday 4th February 2008 | 04:58 PM

yep, another only in america!!!

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Joe Marco

Tuesday 5th February 2008 | 04:32 AM


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Tuesday 5th February 2008 | 12:55 PM

The home of the free, and the birthplace of needless litigation. I wonder who the hell addressed the envelope in the first place; insulting the guy probably makes him less likely to pay, and way more likely to sue. That's the true Sh*t face of this story.

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