Failure to launch: Qtrax

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Failure to launch: Qtrax

It could almost be considered , but if not then certainly one of the biggest FTL's in recent memory.

Qtrax came with the promise of free ad supported MP3's for everyone, and even announced they had deals with all the major record labels.

But there was just one small problem. All of the major record labels said they didn't have any deal with Qtrax. So what to do? Last week they launched their web site anyway - with a beta tag - but have almost no music available for download or purchase. Ouch. Adding salt to the wound, some major recording artists, including Prince released statements saying that Qtrax better not try to touch their music.

There is much criticism coming from many online punters due to the fact that no actual services have yet been have been offered. Qtrax representatives say that the ability to download will be enabled soon, but the truth is this rests on the outcome (if any) of any deals realised with record labels.


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Tuesday 5th February 2008 | 02:32 AM

Amen to that, man. Soooo disappointing.

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