Aussie real estate guys (wrongly) sue Google for defamation

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Aussie real estate guys (wrongly) sue Google for defamation

Aussie real estate giants Mark Forytarz & Paul Castran have filed a law suit against Google because of which cast them in a bad light.

In particular, the second ranked result from links to an article titled "Trust me, I'm an agent and liberal scumbag politician" which claims that Forytarz bullied a mentally challenged man into selling his home in order to earn a $200k commission.

Forytarz requested Google remove the 'offending' link over a year ago, but no action has been taken.

I would suggest Forytarz and Castran should be suing, if of course the story they posted is real defamation. If however the story is true, then what they are really asking for is censorship, in which case I say let the search results stand.

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Saturday 9th February 2008 | 10:31 PM

Karma is a bitch.

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