PR done right: Microsoft share Zune love

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PR done right: Microsoft share Zune love

It's not every day you hear of stories like this so it certainly warrants a mention here. Microsoft recently started taking orders for the new Valentines Day edition of the Zune portable MP3 player.

Unfortunately some unexpected delays combined with the larger than expected uptake means that February the 14th will pass without any of the customers receiving their special gift.

So how do you make this right? Microsoft have gone above and beyond expectation and apologised the only way they know how - with money. Every person who had ordered the Valentines Day Zune will of course still get one (albeit late) but also a complete refund to help heal any love lost.

Nice! You lucky bastards :-)

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Sunday 10th February 2008 | 08:52 PM

Knowing MS, that's how they planned it!

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