10 reasons Indy IV is guaranteed to be awesome

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10 reasons Indy IV is guaranteed to be awesome

Not that anyone needs 10 reasons to hand over their hard earned clams for Indy IV, most only need one! But for the few out there that need a little more convincing, read on.

1) Harrison Ford has still 'got it'.
It's been nineteen years since the last Indy film and many were in doubt of Ford's ability to don the fedora and whip again with style. Judging by the pictures and trailer that has been released it looks as if they were proven wrong.

2) A good supporting cast.
Two fantastic actors from previous and current generations (John Hurt and Cate Blanchett) are aboard for the adventure.

3) Steven Spielberg is directing.
This is a no brainer. Aside from being an accomplished film director, Spielberg has had his hand in the Indiana Jones pie from day one, having directed all three previous Indy films.

4) Limited CGI.
In keeping with the tradition of the previous 3 films, Lucas has stated he will restrict the use of CGI where possible. Producer Frank Marshall said the film would instead use traditional special effects and stunts to be consistent with the previous films.

5) Mass appeal.
The script doesn't contain trivial references to the previous films, meaning anyone can jump in to Indy IV and enjoy it. Additionally, like the previous films Indy IV will be enjoyable by all ages.

6) Sean Connery is absent for a good reason.
Sean Connery turned down the offer to appear, which would have come across as a cheap cameo if his character was not able to take part in the entire adventure.

7) It's not digital.
Again sticking to authenticity, Spielberg stated early on that he would not be shooting digital like George Lucas would have. Lucas said "it looks like it was shot three years after Last Crusade. The people, the look of it, everything. You’d never know there was 20 years between shooting"

8) Harrison Ford does many of his own stunts.
See point 1.

9) The film timeline is consistent.
It's been 19 years since Last Crusade was released, and Indy IV is set in 1957, making it 19 years since Indy's last adventure. This means Ford will be playing the part of a 19 years senior Dr Jones.

10) It's Indiana Jones!

Indian Jones IV
(Photo shamelessly borrowed from indianajones.com)

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Sunday 17th February 2008 | 11:40 AM

Cannot wait

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Monday 18th February 2008 | 08:28 AM

The box office receipts for this one are expected to be record breaking. I'llbe first in line.

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Monday 18th February 2008 | 08:41 PM

19 years since the Last Crusade was made? Damn I feel old!

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