The War on Scientology: Phase II

Mikey 3 comments
The War on Scientology: Phase II

Just when the War on Scientology seemed to have fizzled out, Anonymous have announced phase 2 of their master plan.

The new Youtube video talks about another upcoming protest on the Saturday after L. Ron Hubbards' birthday, and a plan to force the hand of the government into taking action against the church.

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Joe Marco

Wednesday 20th February 2008 | 08:02 PM

ahhh, there's nothing like the smell of napalm in the morning...

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Thursday 21st February 2008 | 12:46 AM

What ever happened with the London gathering? Did that fizzle out, too?

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Thursday 21st February 2008 | 06:25 AM

I love these guys. Crazy thing ever since I started looking into scientology and specifically watched the Tom Cruise video, anytime I stream video my computer restarts. Hmmm...

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