Vista prices set to drop

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Vista prices set to drop

Microsoft has announced plans to drop the price of it's latest operating system, Vista, in an effort to encourage people to make the switch or upgrade. The price drop will take place in 70 countries and occur at the same time that Service Pack 1 is made available.

Windows accounts for more than 90% of the worlds computers, yet Vista only make up 10% of that figure.

The details of the price drop (in US dollars):

Vista Version Current Price New Price
Ultimate $399 $319
Upgrade from XP $259 $219
Home Premium $239 $129

No word on the price of Vista Business yet, or of it will even be included in the price cuts.

If these price cuts are accurate, then Home Premium is actually a very sweet deal.

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Jim- Just a Guy

Friday 29th February 2008 | 07:07 PM

For some one getting ready to buy a new computer that is very good news.

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