Parents play cruel Christmas prank on kid: Engadget comes to the rescue

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Parents play cruel Christmas prank on kid: Engadget comes to the rescue

Some might call them the worst parents in the world, and some might just say they are good pranksters. Which ever way you look at it, the look on this kids face is heart breaking.

On Christmas just passed, Jonathan's parents gave him a gift which when unwrapped, gave him the surprise of his life. Underneath the wrapping was the box that every kid wants: an Xbox.

The look on his face is heart warming, until he opens the box and gets a unexpected surprise. The poor kid had been duped, there was no X-box, but instead an assortment of winter clothing. The look on his face now is heart wrenching as tears stream down his face.

But it's not all bad news. The guys over at Engadget saw the video (embedded below) and think the parents are pretty sucky for the mean spirited trick, and here is what they have said:

"Jonathan, you out there? Screw those people, they clearly don't understand what it is to be a kid and to want an awesome gadget so badly you can taste it. We've been there our whole lives. Since, as a publication, we can't just adopt you and raise you as our own, I will personally send you an Xbox 360 and some games -- but only on the condition that you swear to you'll never let your douchebag family play with it. Hit me up at engadget at gmail dotcom, make sure you can identify yourself so I know I've got the right person."

Engadget - you have redeemed yourselves by providing Jonathan with happy ending. Much kudos to you. Now I feel warm and fuzzy inside :-)

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Saturday 1st March 2008 | 05:03 PM

Oh poor little kid. I can see his sadness and disappointment in his eyes. How could his fuckin' parents do that to their own son? I feel sorry for the little kid. Kid's shouldn't be treated that way. But thank god there's Engadget to the rescue. That's really, really awesome.

And to Mikey, thanks for sharing a great story.

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Joe Marco

Saturday 1st March 2008 | 09:22 PM

Rule #1: children are sacred. Don't screw with kids, remember they decide which retirement home you go to.

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Sunday 2nd March 2008 | 01:12 AM

I'm afraid his parents wont go to a nice retirement home. ^^

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Monday 3rd March 2008 | 02:33 AM

I can see it now: "Momma, we can't afford to send you to a retirement home. That's why we're putting a bed in the basement."

They also couldn't afford haircuts.

I really felt bad for this poor little fella. I have boys around his age.

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Monday 3rd March 2008 | 12:13 PM

Well he'll take that memory to the grave with him.
What a childish act to do to someone ,these people simply have no idea of the ramifications that this awful act can do to the psyche of a young child

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Wednesday 5th March 2008 | 12:25 PM

maybe that mom should stop eating and then they could afford the xbox

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another larry

Thursday 6th March 2008 | 05:40 AM

Jonathan's next big heart break will be finding out he picked the bait car those prankster police left unlocked with the keys inside!

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Saturday 8th March 2008 | 08:51 AM

This poor kid. They are just pushing him into a life of sticking up liquor stores. Someone should seriously call Child Services.

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Saturday 8th March 2008 | 08:59 AM

Sorry i had to write two posts, I really hope Engadget gets in touch with this little guy. And his dirtbag family goes down in a plane crash. I can understand if you can't afford an XBox but to play a joke on a child and laugh at him while he is heart broken is despcable.

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Monday 10th March 2008 | 06:17 PM

Thats some seriouse poor form.

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Monday 10th March 2008 | 06:37 PM

it is shameful to his parents and especially the guy continually laughing at him who you can here in the background, it is a shame he didn't choke and die..i bet they had their fill of booze and cigarettes..the look on that poor kids face......

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Saturday 15th March 2008 | 06:38 AM

ohhh... thats some serious funked up shtick! i would die if that ever happened to me. sigh...

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Monday 1st December 2008 | 01:11 PM

I have been upset ever since I saw this video. Seriously, what kind of mother could watch her child's heart break and laugh about it, and worse...put it on the Internet for the world to see?
This isn't even about him not getting an Xbox. I wish I could get my kids an Xbox for christmas, but I can't. A lot of people cannot afford it.
My issue is the way they broke his heart. You can see him clearly embarrassed and someone told him to "Cry into the camera" and how he mumbled softly "How could you do this mommy?" It eases my heart to know that someone out there is going to give him the Xbox, but you know what? That is not going to correct the emotional scars that this kid carries from now on. I just wanted to hug him. Look at his hair, but his mother's hair was braided and nice. This child is clearly neglected and I hope that someone who knows this family calls children services.
If anyone of importance reads this, I would love to be contacted and I will adopt this boy. I may not be able to afford and Xbox, but I wont laugh at him and lead him to believe he got one.
This video made me go hug my kids. Did you see how they all had their laugh then walked away and left him there to cry???

Someone please email me at if engadget finds this kid and gives him the xbox, so I can feel better about this. I wish I would have never seen this video.
In the meantime, I am going to pray for him tonight and ask God to please look over this child and ease his pain, not just about the material item, but because his mind and heart has probably been damaged and its so sad how parents can mess their kids up so badly.

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Friday 26th December 2008 | 06:47 PM

They got him the X box! They caught him peaking the night before. Serves the kid right for snooping.

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Mosh Master D

Monday 13th December 2010 | 01:12 PM

What you fail to report is the parents side of the story. He was being punished for peaking at his gifts. They COULDN'T afford the console. The boy was busted and the mother got someone from her job to get her an XBox box. Don't judge just because it was on video, you don't know a quarter of what went on. The boy got humbled.

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