Complaint Remover buries free speech

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Complaint Remover buries free speech

Update: It turns out . Thanks to lolcatlover666 for the tip. In any event, the chat log is still funny. specialises in keeping your online company or personal image squeaky clean - free speech rights be damned. According to the statement on their web site:

"The immediate goal of our service is to stop defamation by positioning links on the Search Engines and by appeals to law to remove negative information. We send cease and desist letters and if necessary, file legal actions against the perpetrators and Internet service providers contributing to the unjust defamation of our members."

The Consumerist decided to chat online with a rep from Complaint Remover and see exactly what the procedure involves and how much it costs. The result is the funniest chat log I have read in a while. My favourite part:

CLIENT: So you like make new internets and push the bad internets down
Kelly: yes

Check it out.

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Jim- Just a Guy

Friday 7th March 2008 | 12:08 PM

OK so does that mean that they will lower this sites rank if I refer to their service as the most asinine thing I have ever heard of.?

Funny chat log though.

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Friday 7th March 2008 | 12:13 PM

I love the fact that if you google their company, you only get hits referring to this chat log. They must do a real good job! lolcat!

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Friday 7th March 2008 | 12:17 PM

It's reads like senator Ted Stevens having a conversation with himself

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Saturday 8th March 2008 | 10:20 PM

Thats gold

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Monday 10th March 2008 | 05:52 AM

Complaint Remover = EPIC online marketing company Hoax

Internet users cried foul when "Complaint Remover" said it could ban LOLCats (amongst others) from "the interwebs". Little did they (or hundreds of Fark users) know, it was a hoax perpetrated by to push their online video chat service. EPIC. (Happy Caturday!)

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