Vista Ultimate Extras gets new site: Users still missing out

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Vista Ultimate Extras gets new site: Users still missing out

You might remember the recent flack Microsoft copped over their practically non-existent Ultimate Extras which were pimped as a good reason to purchase Vista Ultimate Edition. More than a year since Vista's release and Microsoft's' offerings for Ultimate users are still embarrassing.

Well I thought there might be some good news as I have just learned Microsoft launched their new site for Ultimate users - called UltimatePC (beta). The statement from the 'about ultimate pc' page says "We want to make sure you, as a Windows Vista Ultimate customer, are getting as much value from the experience as possible".

Ultimate PC

I've been through the site and am sorry to report that it's basically a Microsoft 'smoke and mirrors' effect. The only extras on offer are still the same ones from several months ago. The site does however contain information about setting up a home theatre, gaming, home office etc...but these subjects are already covered extensively and much better on other sites like Toms Hardware, Maximum PC and Mod Shop - which (maybe) not coincidently are featured on Ultimate PCs' 'picks of the month' page.

So what does the new site ultimately mean for Ultimate users? Ultimately nothing right now. But I suggest you grab the RSS feed for when they do actually come clean on their original promise.

It's easy to get angry over this but for the record I do believe Microsoft will eventually deliver. It's just taking too damned long and the Ultimate PC site comes across as a slap in the face to Ultimate users who are still hoping for substance, not PR fluff.

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Jim- Just a Guy

Sunday 9th March 2008 | 02:27 PM

So I am looking at buying a new computer with in the next couple weeks and I am know I will end up with Vista. Keep in mind I know enough to keep myself from breaking something. How pissed am I going to be switching over from XP to Vista?

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Tuesday 11th March 2008 | 02:15 PM

I'm a little slow but I just got around to looking at this site.

What a load of junk. Advertising things we already have, like they're new? And above that, they're mostly advertising other people's junk, like HP Pavillions, etc?! Wtf? They're wasting their time on making a frikkin ad-site instead of actually delivering anything at all?

In more than 12 months they've slapped together about 7 animated backgrounds and a sh*thouse poker game, which I doubt any one has ever even opened, let alone played.

Way to alienate customers, MS...

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Awesome Wells

Wednesday 12th March 2008 | 07:14 AM

I use Home edition and even I can see Ultimate users are being screwed.

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