Aggresive behavior

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Aggresive behavior

I would like share this marvellous quote I from an article I read today: "The studies divided several hundred people into two random groups - one to play violent games and one to play non-violent games - and then allowed them to select a punishment for their opponents. Professor Anderson found the groups that played violent games were more aggressive."

This quote was taken from an article released yesterday proclaiming that 'violence in games damages children'.

I find this quote, and Professor Anderson's studies, to by most humorous on many levels. I do not claim to have a PHD like the good Professor, but if I did, here is a quote I would like to throw in his general direction:

"Several hundred people were divided into 2 groups - those who play soccer and those who don't. Professor Mikey found that the group that does play soccer were more aggressive on the field than the people who didn't play."

Inspiring stuff isn't it? Apart from the obvious, the word 'aggressive' is rather vague when used in this context. Anderson's quote also implies that aggressiveness is always a bad thing. We are encouraged to be aggressive in many aspects - playing sports, pursuing a career, or even playing video games.

I play video games on an aggressive level too sometimes as many of my friends will testify to the fact, but according to Professor Anderson that would make me an aggressive person. Hardly so I am afraid.

This begs the question. Has having access to violent video games all my life responsible for me being a non-aggressive person? Don't laugh.

We have all had times when we want to vent our frustrations. Had a hard day at the office? The boss is on your back? Boyfriend or Girlfriend getting on your nerves? Most of us work through our problems and in the interim we like to escape from the mundaneness in one form or another. Some people go out and catch a violence packed Arnold Swarzenegger movie, some people go down to the pub and have a drink, I play video games, and the small minority without a means of escape will source a semi automatic weapon and go on a killing spree.

Do these 'outlets' sound familiar? They are the sort of things that a typical parent will try to discourage a teenager from doing. "You're not allowed to watch that movie - it's to violent!" - "You're too young to drink!" - "That video game is too violent" - "No you can't have a semi automatic weapon for your birthday!" - Obviously.

With so much pressure on our children today, and the average parent trying their best to shield them from exposure to violence in its many forms, the parent is essentially saying "I realise you are a raging bag of hormones and under a lot of pressure, but you are only allowed to deal with it in a manner that I see fit."

Is that not how walking time bombs are created?

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