Fox reporters fight during live broadcast

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Fox reporters fight during live broadcast

Airing your grievances in public is one thing, but doing it during a live television broadcast could be career suicide. Watching the exchange between these two Fox reporters it's easy to see they have a troubled history.

Get ready to laugh.

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Wednesday 12th March 2008 | 07:27 AM

This was good, but my favorite was the match between Jeraldo and O'Reiley!

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Awesome Wells

Wednesday 12th March 2008 | 07:30 AM

Oh my that's priceless "I was your boss once"..."Yeah you were but are no longer - how'd that happen" LOL

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Wednesday 12th March 2008 | 09:31 AM

You can imagine the producer sitting off camera frantically waving "shut up! shut up!"

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Wednesday 12th March 2008 | 11:20 AM

Ha! Grumpy old codgers

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Friday 14th March 2008 | 08:30 AM

Haha! That was awesome! Maybe I'm wrong, but the reporter gave both the lady and the man equal time to state their case; it just happened that the man (representing the building I suppose) was more eloquent in explaining his position. Its a 2-minute news story, not a debate. I think the field reporter was right in trying to end the piece after he got a response from both parties and that the anchor was being a real douche.

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Mr. Lowe

Tuesday 16th August 2011 | 11:40 PM

The editor/anchor was out of line, apparently had some animosity that he just 'had' to express ON AIR. The field reporter was actually doing his job, but lost his professionalism once provoked. If I were there bosses, I'd fire the anchor and suspend/punish the field reporter. Then again, this is New York...their news is much edgier than ours down here in Maryland - so the entertainment aspect may be a "win" for producers.

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Wednesday 17th August 2011 | 10:24 AM

yep, elevators and elevator contractors just cant be hurried during major elevator failures or refurbs. There is nothing to hurry. Sadly, in that situation, there is nothing to respond to.

You can fence off and walk around holes and collapsed walls, but the only way up when the elevator fails big time is..the stairs.

I hope the company that owns the building considers knocking the whole thing down and rebuilding. It needs it.

As for the anchor, I agree, he should have been sacked. Its clearly his appeal that had someone tape the news in the first place

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