Olbermanns' Hillary/Ferraro rant

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Olbermanns' Hillary/Ferraro rant

We don't get Keith Olbermann's show down under, but I like watching his clips on Youtube. Yesterday this video was posted in which Olbermann calls out Hillary Clinton on the Geraldine Ferraro debacle. If you missed it, Ferraro made racist comments stating that Obama would not be in the position he is if he weren't black, and that being black essentially makes him gimmick and the public are falling for it.

Anyway, Olbermanns' 10 minute rant is as passionate as it is sensationalist, but a good watch all the same.

Note: Olbermann will be happy to know that Ferrao has quit the campaign now, but a sacking for Hillary would have sent a better message.

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Jim-Just a Guy

Friday 14th March 2008 | 07:17 AM

I may not always agree with the guy, but I love him. He has the best rants. Him and Lewis Black.

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Marty Answerforeverything

Saturday 15th March 2008 | 03:10 PM

It seems quite apparent that Clinton and Obamah have pretty much destryed their chances of becomeing the new Commander in Cheif and are quickley paving the way for yet another complete idiot to lead the free world.Oh Sh*t did i just say that?

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