Scientology releases propaganda video aimed at Anonymous

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Scientology releases propaganda video aimed at Anonymous

The Church Cult of Scientology has produced a propaganda video regarding the recent attacks against them made by Anonymous. The video takes a lot out of context but that's hardly surprising. But one thing that does stand out is the statement on their web page which refers to Anonymous as a group of cyber-terrorists, which just goes to show their own ignorance.

Anonymous are not a group of cyber-terrorists. The name represents anyone who considers themselves a soldier in the 'war on Scientology' in any manner they see fit, be it via public demonstration or using the Internet. There is no specific anonymous group.

Anyway, the video below for your enjoyment.

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Monday 17th March 2008 | 12:27 PM

What evidence is there that any of these bomb threats or messages are true? The CoS (Cult of Scientology) are well known for using untrue propaganda to support their activities. I am inclined to believe they just made this up, to make themselves look like victims.

You'll not the incredibly high production values of the video, by the way.

The more I read about this group the more worrying I find them. Their targeted campaign of seeking out people with mental instabilities and encouraging them to cease all medication and support and instead throw money the CoS is nothing short of criminal.

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Tuesday 18th March 2008 | 03:01 AM

Indeed, they have always seemed like a huge pyramid scheme to me anyway. I read a quote by Hubbard somewhere saying something about a religion is the quickest way to get rich and anyone serious about it should start one.

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