Lost Boys: The Tribe official trailer

Mikey 4 comments
Lost Boys: The Tribe official trailer

I liked the first movie - when I was a teenager in 1987. But more than 20 years later and this stuff doesn't fly any more. For what it's worth, here is the Lost Boys: The Tribe trailer.

I am guessing the studios don't have much faith in it either, as they won't be spending a dime on putting it into cinemas, instead opting for a straight to DVD release this year.

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Jim-Just a Guy

Tuesday 18th March 2008 | 08:59 AM

Holy Corey Feldman!

I have a distinct feeling this movie is going to be horrible. I am a big fan of the original. What makes that movie work is that it is the only one. This is has gouge my eyes out before this movie destroys my brain written all over it. I could be wrong but I am not going to hold my breath.

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Tuesday 18th March 2008 | 09:50 AM

I love The Lost Boys...
Not holding out much hope for this one though!

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Tuesday 18th March 2008 | 10:32 AM

Corey Feldman is alive! If only the could find the other Corey it'd be worth it just for that.

This will suck, yes, but I still think it'll be worth the price. Which, considering I plan to "rent" this from bittorrent, I don't expect to be very high. ;-)

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You Mean Haim?

Thursday 3rd April 2008 | 07:58 AM

Actually, Haim couldn't get the work visa to go to Canada to 'participate' in the film. Unfortunately, this bears a dreary resemblance to every other direct-to-DVD horror flick that has come out in the last 5 years. The make-up job in the shot above should provide a clue.

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