Microsoft releases action figures...seriously

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Microsoft releases action figures...seriously

File this one under 'strictly for Microsoft fan-bois'. For a short time only, you can get your paws on one of seven limited edition Microsoft action figures. Don't expect to find Bill Gates and his compadrés among them though, as they are all named after Microsoft products.

The Source Fource (yes that's the correct spelling...sigh) and Amazing Friends consists of Windows Server Crusader, Windows Mobile Gal, SQL Server Gal, Visual Studio Guy, ISV Super Gal, Windows Vista Sensei and Office Master. You can read their full bios on this MSDN developer network page.

Now if someone would just release a line of open source action figures I might be interested.

Click the pic for full sized version.

Source Fource

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Jim-Just a Guy

Tuesday 18th March 2008 | 03:48 PM

I know I am a geek. I know my girlfriend is the Queen of the geeks. my brain is now trying to wrap itself around the concept of a person that would buy these. I really don't want to live in that world. That world scares me. Now here is what you have to do to get them.
Dear Fellow Developers,

Here's the deal. I will be giving away the new limited-edition Windows Server 2008 Crusader action figure*. To get one, you must attend at least two qualifying Virtual Labs and/or at least two qualifying live Webcasts (that means one of each is cool too) between April 1 and May 30, 2008, otherwise you are out of luck! Make sure you collect the latest addition to the Source Fource action heroes—Windows Server 2008 Crusader—while you can. As you know from our previous offers, once they are gone, that's it. Hurry up y'all!

You'll find the list of qualifying Virtual Labs and Webcasts in the links below. Remember only LIVE MSDN Webcasts count. (I know these are really difficult rules!)

Please view the links below for a list of qualifying training sessions for each product:

or go here.

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Joe Marco

Tuesday 18th March 2008 | 03:54 PM

"In the words of the Virgin Mary: Come Again??" - Brick Top.

Wow, simply, absolutely, holy crap wow. This has got to be the most shocking thing I have ever seen posted.

In my best Arnold impersenation: "Are you Kidding me? come one! that's ridiculous"

No seriously, that's disturbing. It makes me feel like Carl Weathers when you got murdered by the Predator...remember that scream? I'm screaming like that right now here in America, by the time you finish reading this you should be hearing that scream in the air.

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Joe Marco

Tuesday 18th March 2008 | 04:01 PM response to this comment by Joe Marco. correction, "when "he" got murdered' not "you". Have you heard the scream? Jim did you hear it?
It's like lambs crying at night. overgrown Steroid feed lambs high on PCP.

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open source 4ever

Tuesday 18th March 2008 | 04:21 PM

The lengths ms will go to sell thier wares.

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Tuesday 18th March 2008 | 04:24 PM

Shouldn't that be the 'closed source fource'?

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Kim OJ

Tuesday 18th March 2008 | 05:16 PM

Seems like the kind of thing you give someone to insult them.

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Tuesday 18th March 2008 | 05:38 PM

I notice ISV Super Gal is the only one without a logo on her shirt.

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Jim-Just a Guy

Wednesday 19th March 2008 | 02:03 AM response to this comment by Joe Marco. I thought I heard something. I just assumed it was drunk college kid that damn near killed himself doing something stupid. Now I find out it was a cry of true anguish and pain. Poor poor Joe.

Side note. If you lived where I do, you opinion of college students might also be as low. However I hold my opinion for Chico State students only.

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