Jack Thompson: 'Why don't you just molest children directly'

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Jack Thompson: 'Why don't you just molest children directly'

Legal lunatic Jack Thompson has some unique views on video games and their role in society, but if you ever wanted further proof the man is slowly losing his marbles, look at this correspondence with Destructoid commentator Jim Sterling.

When Sterling contacted Thompson regarding the un-banning of Manhunt 2 in the UK, Jack suggested that Jim molest children, because you know, it's more personal that way. Sterling thinks there may be grounds for legal action here, but I suspect not as it is a private conversation. Even so, the conversation shows Thompson's' grip on reality slipping even further away. Here is a portion of the correspondence:

Keeping adult products from children is not censorship. Also, censorship is a ban on material, prohibiting its sale to anyone. Don't you own a dictionary? What are you , a moron?

Um, you DO realize the game's sale was prevented from everyone in the UK by the BBFC, right? It WAS banned, not just from children. So yes, it was censorship. Now it's unbanned, rated 18, like it should be.

Why don't you just molest children directly rather than through Rockstar. It would be more personal that way

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