Star Wars: A history in video games Part 01

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Star Wars: A history in video games Part 01

This has to easily be the best and most comprehensive mini documentary on the history of Star Wars video games ever made. If you like Star Wars and you like video games, you will have probably played some or many of the ones shown in the video.

I am guilty of playing all, and I particularly remember spending a significant portion of my youth sitting inside the arcade version (I used to work an a video game arcade back then so it's no surprise). Enjoy! Part II will be available in a couple of weeks.

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Jim-Just a Guy

Wednesday 19th March 2008 | 07:40 PM

Owned the Atari 2600 game.
Dropped at least $1,000 into the first arcade game.
Played Jedi Arena.
Dropped at least $2,000 into the second arcade game.
I can not wait to play Force Unleashed. I read an article on it and WOW! I may never be seen again when that game comes out.
I am such a geek.

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Wednesday 19th March 2008 | 09:51 PM response to this comment by Jim-Just a Guy. Ditto - force unleashed will be awesome. I loved the KOTOR series.

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