Official final Wall-e trailer

Mikey 2 comments
Official final Wall-e trailer

The final trailer for Wall-e is finally ready. It looks interesting and curiously sounds as if this movie doesn't have any dialogue, which kind of reminds me of the 1972 film Silent Running.

I think it will be worth a watch. Hi-Def trailer here for you Quicktime users.


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Friday 21st March 2008 | 07:44 PM

Looks awesome, too bad the trailer shows too much (as usually :/). Which is also the reason I dislike trailers. :P

But it does seem to have some talking - like a guy screams "arrest that robot". Doesn't seem much, but something nevertheless. ^^

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Friday 21st March 2008 | 08:36 PM

How come I've not heard a thing about this movie? It looks awesome.

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