Disabled pregnant mother tortured to death

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Disabled pregnant mother tortured to death

Five people have been charged with what can only be described as a despicable sickening murder. Twenty nine year old Dorothy Dixon suffered from a mental condition that left her with a child-like mind. She had a one year old child and was 6 months pregnant.

Her room-mates used her for target practice with a BB gun, burned her with a glue gun, doused her with scalding liquid that peeled away her skin, torched what few clothes she had so she walked around naked and often pummelled her with an aluminium bat.

Dixon died after weeks of abuse. Police have charged two adults, three teenagers and a 12-year-old boy with murder. These sub-dwelling low life scum bags not worthy of breathing are:

  • 35 year old Michelle Riley and her 15 year old daughter LeShelle McBride
  • Riley's 12 year old son who can no be named but is being charged as a juvenile
  • 16 year old Benny Wilson
  • 43 year old Judy Woods
  • 18 year old Michael Elliott

All remain in jail on a $1 million bond. More details at CNN.

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Sunday 23rd March 2008 | 07:10 AM

Kill them all

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Jim - Just A Guy

Sunday 23rd March 2008 | 07:26 AM

...in response to this comment by Jonno. Slowly.

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Tuesday 25th March 2008 | 02:14 PM

i read this earlier on today.. what i dont get is that the neighbors and other ppl saw some of what was going on, but did nothing to stop it, which makes them just as bad as those who did these appalling atrocities to this woman, left her one year old child an orphan, and probably scarred by what he saw happening to his mother.
i can't possibly fathom as to why ppl do such things. they blame it on something in their childhood perhaps, which is a total cop-out. i just hope they get whats coming to them, which more than likely will happen.. killing an expectant mother doesnt go down all that well in prison

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Thursday 3rd April 2008 | 05:54 PM

People are never responsible for their own actions - it`s always someone else`s fault for what they did. They will get away with it unfortunately. I was molested as a teenager but I have never hurt or killed any one for it and I never will - I dealt with it.
When will people be responsible for their own actions?

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Saturday 28th February 2009 | 03:38 AM

i hope they die slowly and painfully

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