Hypnotist using his powers for robbery

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Hypnotist using his powers for robbery

I have always wondered if hypnotists could use their powers for evil. I have also wondered if hypnotism can be used on just anyone, and I guess this case kind of answers both questions.

Italian police are hunting a man who hypnotises supermarket check-out staff and gets them to hand over all the cash in the register. In each case the last thing they remember is the man saying the words "Look into my eyes", before finding the till empty.

Full story and video of one of the incidents at BBC.

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Tuesday 25th March 2008 | 08:02 AM

Look into my eyes, look into my eyes, not around the eyes, look into my eyes, *snap* you're under.

I love little brittan.

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Tuesday 25th March 2008 | 01:50 PM

lol jake... i was thinking exactly the same thing

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Thursday 3rd April 2008 | 06:00 PM

Hypnotilltickling? New word?

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