Regenerative medicine works

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Regenerative medicine works

As incredible as it sounds, a man was able to grow back his finger, vessels flesh and nail, in only 4 weeks after it was cut off by a model airplane propeller.

Lee Spievack's brother, a medical research scientist, gave him a special powder to sprinkle on the wound, which grew the finger back. The powder is made from pig bladders called extracellular matrix. It is a mix of protein and connective tissue surgeons often use to repair tendons and it holds some of the secrets behind the emerging new science of regenerative medicine.

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Tuesday 25th March 2008 | 11:52 AM

That is totally amazing!

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Tuesday 25th March 2008 | 01:33 PM

medicine always astounds me.. especially in this day and age, we are coming forward in leaps and bounds

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Gina Squitieri

Tuesday 25th March 2008 | 03:01 PM

That's really exciting news.

(I can't imagine ever hearing a vegan claiming "animal cruelty!" about that. But I guess anything is possible.)

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Tuesday 25th March 2008 | 08:26 PM

doctor who has been regenerating for years......

it is good news..

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Wednesday 26th March 2008 | 05:41 AM

I wonder if it will grow back longer and bigger? Just curious......

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