Xbox Live cheaters handed intense punishment

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Xbox Live cheaters handed intense punishment

The xbox Live administrators are pretty hardcore when dealing out punishment to cheaters. And rightfully so. I have encountered my fair share of cheaters during online gaming and they make make the entire experience miserable for everyone. So what of this punishment? Check this out, taken from this page posted yesterday:

  • Resetting the entire Gamerscore for an account to zero
  • The account will be unable to regain all previously obtained achievements and Gamerscore, however, the players will have the ability to gain future Achievements by earning them fairly, like the majority of the Xbox LIVE community does.
  • The account will be clearly labeled as a cheater for the community to view on You can see an example here. In dash, the personal view of the gamercard will be labeled as well.

I think I speak for every gamer when I say the only word to describe this action is 'pwned!'

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Wednesday 26th March 2008 | 07:11 AM

That's hardcore alright especially the last point

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Jim - Just A Guy

Wednesday 26th March 2008 | 08:40 AM

This really is a great idea. I would love to see all online gaming adopt this type of punishment.

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Wednesday 26th March 2008 | 04:54 PM

i guess these sort of people cheat at everything they do in life...

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Wednesday 26th March 2008 | 08:43 PM

It's a very simplistic legal system... What if someone was incorrectly deemed a cheater, you can't reverse the public shaming effect this has unless you get a new Xbox right??

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Thursday 27th March 2008 | 12:10 AM

If they obtain proof like other online games I doubt there will be many, if any, instances of someone being incorrectly labeled. With server side monitoring and recorded evidence it can be pretty solid and I assume that the people getting caught didn't do it just once or twice, they were habitual exploiters.

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