'Death Ship' Twilight Zone episode being remade

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'Death Ship' Twilight Zone episode being remade

An old Twilight Zone television episode called 'Death Ship' is being remade for the big screen under the new title of 'Countdown'.

'Death Ship' is about 3 astronauts who travel to an alien planet and discover their own dead bodies in a crashed version of their own ship. I haven't seen the original episode but it sounds trippy enough for me.

Here's a 2 minute clip from the original. Yeah that's a very young Oscar Madison Quincy Jack Kluggman. I'm hyped to see the original now.

More information at SciFiCool.com.

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Thursday 27th March 2008 | 06:15 PM

That's so intense! Does the music sound electronic to anyone else? Way ahead of its time. Anyone know where I can 'acquire' the original?

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Jim - Just A Guy

Friday 28th March 2008 | 03:38 AM

Depending on who gets this it could be really good. It also has the potential to give you gonorrhea of the eye if it is done wrong. This is also what scares me about an Outer Limits movie.

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Monday 7th April 2008 | 02:13 AM

I can honestly say that I have seen every damn one of the 156 original episodes at least twice, so; my browsing came to a halt on this one. As I was 7 years old when the first episodes started airing, now, 50 years later, I never miss a chance to watch a single episode that passes my window of opportunity, no matter how many times I’ve seen it. It’s really amazing when you realize that you are seeing one of your favorite huge T.V. stars in their first roll. (I do want to say that now days T.V. is a completely different thing. When Twilight Zone was on the air, it was still a form of artistic expression, as opposed to the direct, indirect, and subliminal sales/propaganda tool it has become today.)

I did some internet research and came up with the following list of Stars who literally got their start on Twilight Zone. My list is not completely accurate or complete, but please, I spent at least 30 min cutting and pasting. At least take a look, you might be surprised.

As far as I can tell, the following is a list of actors who got their start on Twilight Zone.

Burgess Meredith, Suzanne Lloyd, David Wayne, Joseph Schildkraut, Jeanette Nolan, Ross Martin, Keenan Wynn, Ida Lupino, Beverly Garland, Martin Balsam, William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, George Takei, Dean Stockwell, Martin Landau, Ann Jillian, Robert Duvall, William Windom, Peter Falk, Dennis Hopper, Agnes Moorehead, Elizabeth Montgomery, Charles Bronson, Jonathan Harris, Bill Mumy, Jack Klugman, Cloris Leachman, Richard Basehart, Barbara Eden, Pat Boone, Inger Stevens, John Hoyt, Russell Johnson, Lee Marvin, Donna Douglas, Kevin Hagen.

Michael, I just couldn’t resist the opportunity to stand up for what I think is the best thing television has ever offered. I welcome this upcoming remake (?), but sadly, with but a very few exceptions, Hollywood has offered very little Sci-Fi of substance since “2001 A Space Odyssey” back in 1968. In my opinion, if there is sound in outer space in the movie you’re watching, that should tip you off: just another sexy girls, guns, fast cars, explosions, only in space instead of on the ground.

Yep, Sci-Fi just aint what it used to be. But then, what is?

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Jim - Just A Guy

Monday 7th April 2008 | 02:22 AM

...in response to this comment by Gillon. Impressive work to say the the least. I write a lot of movie stuff to the point of calling myself the Movie Whore. I would love to see a full write up on the original series if you have done one. You definitely established yourself as some one that has a true appreciation for the material.

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Monday 7th April 2008 | 06:28 AM

...in response to this comment by Gillon. Nice 1 Gillon. 2001 is my fav of all time - it seems we have a lot in common! On the subject of space realism Last night I found "cinema's most mind-boggling moments in scientific inaccuracy" in which 2001 ranks favourably.


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