Microsofts' brand power plummeting

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Microsofts' brand power plummeting

Via Yahoo news: Microsoft's brand power has been nose diving the past 4 years, with speculation the software giant is losing credibility in the business market.

"According to the CoreBrand Power 100 2007 study, which polled about 12,000 U.S. business decision-makers, Microsoft dropped from number 12 in the ranking of the most powerful U.S. company brands in 2004 to number 59 last year."

I think one problem with Microsoft is they are getting too far ahead of the themselves, and I sometimes think they dictate what the market wants instead of listening to what the market needs. Vista is testament to this fact. Without it our lives would be no different. That is to say Vista hasn't bought anything mind-blowingly essential to users, yet Microsoft pimp the product like its the second coming.

It doesn't take the smartest cookie in the jar to see that Microsofts' marketing hype is little more than just that.


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