Study: Mobile phones are more dangerous than smoking

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Study: Mobile phones are more dangerous than smoking

A study by an award winning cancer expert has concluded that mobile phones can kill more people that smoking or asbestosis. According to by Dr Vini Khurana, using handsets for more than 10 years can double the risk of brain cancer.

"there is a significant and increasing body of evidence for a link between mobile phone usage and certain brain tumours"

I reckon you could just as easily pay for a study that concludes mobile phones are safe, but there does seem to be more evidence to support the idea every year. I am leaning towards this being a likely and inconvenient truth. What would we do without our mobile phones? Would you give up your mobile phone if there was irrefutable proof of long term damage is established?


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Jim - Just A Guy

Monday 31st March 2008 | 12:30 PM

Does this mean that if your company issues a mobile phone and you develop brain cancer later in life you can sue them?

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Monday 31st March 2008 | 12:50 PM

I hate mobiles anyway....get rid of them I say!

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Monday 31st March 2008 | 01:26 PM

I looked at 2 cases last year where the patients (deceased), who were quite young, were found to have quite large tumors around where a phone antenna would sit. Both died of unrelated circumstances, though I found it incredibly interesting.

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Monday 31st March 2008 | 01:50 PM response to this comment by Jim - Just A Guy. Time will tell. The answer may turn out to be "yes" but probably only in cases where the company can be proved to have caused you to spend an extraordinarily large amount of time on the phone.

More likely no one would be able to sue for this reason, until we have proof positive they cause cancer (which, if you look at cigarettes, takes a long time to do). If your company made you carry and use a phone after such a link was confirmed, then successful lawsuits would begin happening for sure (I am sure unsuccessful and semi-successful ones will begin soon, in any case).

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Monday 31st March 2008 | 01:56 PM response to this comment by Jim - Just A Guy. I reckon it's unlikely as the court would need to be satisfied that the phone manufacturers knew the risks but deliberately kept it private or played it down.

At the moment there are studies both supporting and discrediting the links between cancer and mobile phone usage. I reckon though they would have their bases covered in the event of a lawsuit so anyone wanting to sue would have one heck of a battle on their hands.

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Jim - Just A Guy

Monday 31st March 2008 | 02:50 PM

Thanks guys but I was joking. However given the sue happy nature of USA residents I would not be surprised to see some one try it. I am sure there are more than a few lawyers who have already begun drooling.

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Monday 31st March 2008 | 07:58 PM

i could quite easy live without a mobile phone...

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Thursday 3rd April 2008 | 05:31 PM

At least when you drop the mobile phone between your legs whilst you`re driving you don`t burn your nuts.

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Gina Squitieri

Sunday 1st June 2008 | 04:19 AM response to this comment by Hacker. I know some can't do it for whatever reason - kids, wife, husband, family, job, but I've been getting by the old-fashioned way. Annoys my friends who can't get me anytime they want, but it hasn't killed them. ;-)

Be safe--buy a headset or some device that keeps the phone away from your brain. You'll protect yourself whilst boosting the economy! :D

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