Windows 7 arriving next year?

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Windows 7 arriving next year?

Hearing this news reported by Engadget only ads more credibility to the notion that Windows Vista is the new Windows Me. Engadget say that Bill Gates told investors that Windows 7 will come "in the next year" and that he's "super-enthused" about it.

The article is a little light on details - like where they sourced the information for example. But if that is true, we should start seeing a beta very soon unless Gates meant the beta will arrive in the next year. In any event it still an awfully short time between Windows versions, and if I am not mistaken it will be the shortest in Microsoft's history (I'm not 100% certain on that).

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Sunday 6th April 2008 | 08:49 PM

I am becoming more and more agnostic about Windows. On one hand, it has features I love but on the other, MS are making it less and less sensible. Vista has seriously tried my patience on several occasions and I don't trust Microsoft with a subscription based model for Windows 7 (just ask any X Box Live owner what happens to their old games if they get a new box).

Plus, KDE 4 is truly fantastic and will start to turn some heads, once people start to see it.

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Monday 7th April 2008 | 11:38 PM

If all my stuff would run on Fedora I'd just use that. XP Pro is still a pretty good OS though.

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