Help end Uwe Boll's career

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Help end Uwe Boll's career

Uwe Boll, the director of some of the most abysmal atrocities ever put onto celluloid (Alone in the Dark, BloodRayne, Dungeon Siege and Postal to name a few) says he will quit making movies if enough people petition for it. At the time of my writing this, 31257 signatures have been collected, but Boll says it will take 1 million before he throws in the towel.

Boll should be careful about this. There is a mind-bogglingly massive anti-Uwe Boll community out there and once word of this spreads he might have to concede. Somehow I doubt he will even at 10 million signatures.

If you are interested in doing your part, sign the petition here.

Note: The only Uwe Bill film I have seen is Alone in the Dark. If you haven't seen it, check out these reviews, scoring a massive 1 point on Rotten Tomatoes.

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Jim - Just A Guy

Tuesday 8th April 2008 | 01:18 AM

53319 Signatures Total

After adding my own.

Alone in the dark was so bad my brain blocked out the memory of seeing it and I ended up watching it again only to be filled with the desire to stick a fork in my eye because if I am going to hurt that bad I am going to do it to myself.

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Tuesday 8th April 2008 | 05:40 AM

66483 including mine.

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Tuesday 8th April 2008 | 12:17 PM


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The Movie Whore

Wednesday 9th April 2008 | 04:09 AM

Just had a buddy sign it and the count is now

113625 Signatures Total

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Wednesday 9th April 2008 | 03:39 PM

more than 1/10th the way there. Are you sweating Boll?

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Thursday 10th April 2008 | 07:42 PM

Why we need Uwe Boll

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The Movie Whore

Friday 11th April 2008 | 02:39 AM response to this comment by Davo. Read it and while it makes some valid points I am still all for ending the atrocity now. He has already put it out there and does not need to inflict more pain and damage to the psyche of those unfortunate enough to find themselves viewing his films.

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180213 Signatures Total

Saturday 12th April 2008 | 02:32 AM

It seems to be slowing down.

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