iPhone confirmed for Australia: Sooner than expected

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iPhone confirmed for Australia: Sooner than expected

The much rejoiced Apple iPhone is making its way to Australia at the tail end of June, according to what appears to be legitimate information on the MacTalk forums. According to the post, resellers have been informed of the following:

  • Last week of June release
  • More than 1 carrier
  • No contract lock in
  • Current resellers will be able to sell iPhones

It sounds like a much better deal than our USA friends, especially having the option of more than one carrier. My understanding is the USA are locked into AT&T, but correct me if I am mistaken. It also suggests that a 3G iPhone is in the works, but that is just speculation. I love my Nokia N95 to death, but the iPhone may be my next phone assuming 3G speeds become a reality on it.

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