Time lapse video: 41 hours stuck in an elevator

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Time lapse video: 41 hours stuck in an elevator

I feel bad for Nicholas White, I really do, but watching the condensed version of his 41 hour ordeal stuck in an elevator made it too hard not to laugh.

Nic's adventure began 11pm on a Friday evening while working late after everyone else had left the office. Heading to the elevator so he could go out side for a smoke break he told a colleague he’d be right back. Watch the security camera footage below. Read the full account of Nic's ordeal here.

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Wednesday 16th April 2008 | 01:42 PM

Farken hell! Poor guy. How long can you go without needing a drink or the toilet?

I'd be livid, when I got out hey. That's a serious ordeal. He'd have been extremely dehydrated.

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Wednesday 16th April 2008 | 05:01 PM

Lol, how many times did he open the door and relies..OMG the brick walls still their....Poor guy

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