Zero Punctuation: Condemned 2: Bloodshot

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Zero Punctuation: Condemned 2: Bloodshot

This week on Zero Punctuation, 'Condemned 2: Bloodshot' and the phrase 'errant turds'. Yahtzee went a little wayward there for a couple of weeks but I think this latest video sees him back on track with the attitude he have all come to love.

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Thursday 17th April 2008 | 02:48 PM

This is prolly one of his best though I'm one of those who tends to like everything he throws at the masses. :P

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Nate >.>

Thursday 17th April 2008 | 04:02 PM

I am a newly-converted worshiper of Yahtzee, but I am already telling my friends about his insightful game reviews.

I can't get enough of it!

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Thursday 17th April 2008 | 06:33 PM

Damn he's funny.

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The Computer Whisperer

Friday 18th April 2008 | 03:26 PM

Haaa DOOO KEN!!!!!

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